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SRK038 EBC Complete Clutch Rebuild Kit - Kawasaki Z750 (ZR750J1/J2/J6F/L7F-LAF/M7F-M9F) 04-10

SRK038 EBC Complete Clutch Rebuild Kit - Kawasaki Z750 (ZR750J1/J2/J6F/L7F-LAF/M7F-M9F) 04-10

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SRK complete clutch rebuild kits include Kevlar® fiber lined friction plates, steel separator plates and springs to provide a streetgoing kit for high performance street and road race use.

With the ever increasing horsepower of motorcycle engines, clutches are being subjected to ever increasing stresses. Many motorcycles are tuned to a higher horsepower after production further increasing the demands on clutches.

The new SRK series includes a full engine set of Kevlar® lined friction plates, heavy duty clutch springs of either the coil spring or diaphragm type, together with a full engine set of steel separator plates.

The important part about rebuilding the clutch is to get back to the exact "stack height" of the original assembly and merely replacing the friction plates does not often achieve this accurately, especially when separator plates have been worn. The SRK kit overcomes this problem by completely resetting the vehicles clutch stack height.

Price: 142.80