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Help & Tips - how to find parts for your bike

Within this website you will find thousands of products for hundreds of motorcycle models. There are three key ways in which you can find the parts you need:

Searching by keywords

Go to the search page, a link to which will be found on most pages throughout this site. In the search box you should enter whatever keywords you consider relevant to your search, a price range in the adjacent drop down menu, or both. You can also limit your search to specific product sections.

For example, let's say you're looking for an oil filter for a Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit. You could enter "Suzuki GSF1200 oil filter" and click search. This would take you to the results page (click the link to see what this search would produce) from which you can then follow link(s) to the part(s) you want.

Alternatively you could simply enter "GSF1200", select "Engine Oil Filters" from the drop down menu and then click search. This will give the same results as the previous method. Also notice that entering the make of bike, in this case "Suzuki", in the search string isn't always essential. You may need to enter the manufacturer, though, to differentiate between certain models. For example, if you were looking for parts for a Suzuki GT550 you must enter "Suzuki" because Kawasaki also have a GT550.

Sometimes the search will return a large number of results, so you may wish to refine your search to help you find the part you're looking for. You can achieve this by being more specific with keywords. Obviously entering "Bandit lever" will give many more results than GSF600S clutch lever. Generally, though, you will get useful results for just about any query you try. That said, do bear in mind the following tips.

Keyword Tips: 

  • When searching for a specific model, it generally helps to leave no spaces between the model and the capacity (cc). In other words, don't type "RSV 1000" as this may give spurious results. Instead type "RSV1000".

  • The search engine is "case insensitive" which means that searching for "Honda VTR1000" will give the same results as "honda vtr1000".

  • Be careful when using the hyphen "-" character as the search engine uses this. For example, YZFR1 will return no results but YZF-R1 will. Full list of hyphenated models to watch out for: SP-1, X-11, KR1-S, ER-5, ZR-7, ZX-10, LT-A50, YZF-R6, MT-03, YZF-R7, YZF-R1, MT-01.

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Searching by make > model

This is probably the easiest and certainly the fastest way of finding parts for your bike. Simply go to the manufacturers' pages: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Aprilia, BMW or Triumph, find your model in the list and click the link. It couldn't be simpler! From the home page this method only requires TWO clicks of the mouse and NO typing, which speeds up the whole searching process.

This method will, however, present you with ALL the items available to purchase online for your bike. To refine the search down to specific items, simply re-enter the search term, adding any other words or restricting the search by section as described above.

COOL TIP!When you get to the search results page for your bike why not bookmark it?! Add it to your "Favourites" or even drag/paste a copy of the web page address from your browser on to your desktop. Doing this will allow you to instantly check all the latest products/prices and see if we've added any new lines for your bike! More...

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Browsing by section

Go to the home page and, from the left hand column, select the section that you're interested in. Depending on which link you click, you will either be presented with further sub-sections to choose from, or you will go straight to an item list on the appropriate page in the online catalog. You can also navigate the catalog directly from the main catalog page.

These item lists are presented by engine capacity in ascending order for each individual manufacturer. Many of the longer lists are broken in to two, usually "up to 599cc" and "over 599cc" for your convenience and to expedite the page loading time.

Simply scroll up or down the page until you find the exact model/application that suits your requirement, and if you wish to order the item simply click the BUY ITEM button to add the item to the shopping cart.


Still want more help?

Check the information page for advice on everything from shipping & handling to our Returns and Privacy policies. You can always email us about anything - you'll often get a response within an hour and certainly by the end of the next working day.


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